Award Recipients

2012-2013 Scholars  

2012-2013 Scholars

Andrew Battaglia, ’13, Philosophy and English Literature, Fulbright ETA (Germany)
Conor Michael Fitzpatrick, ’13, History, Fulbright ETA (Germany)
Olivia Gibbons, ’13, Spanish and International Studies, Fulbright ETA (Mexico)
Sophia Sanders, ’11, Humanities for Teaching, Fulbright ETA (Kenya)
Katrina Herzog, ’10, Photography, Fulbright alternate (Iceland)
John Simpson, ’13, TESOL, Fulbright ETA alternate (Laos)
Halla Ahmad, ’13, International Studies, Fulbright ETA finalist
Matisse Fletcher, ’10, International Studies and Chinese, Fulbright finalist
Kelly Glenn, ’10, International Studies and Latin American Studies, Fulbright finalist
Natalie Bold, ’12, International Economic Development, Carnegie Fellowship for the Advancement of Teaching
Matthew Chesnut, ’15, International Studies, Boren (NSEP)
Guadalupe Briseño, ’14, International Business, Gilman Scholarship (Japan) and Freeman-ASIA
Andrea L. Edwards, ’14, Photography, Gilman Scholarship (India)
Casey Pinckney, Math, NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Christina Pate,
’10, Business Economics and Marketing, Marshall finalist
Shandra Benito, ’14, Social Work, Truman finalist
Eric Chalmers, ’14, Political Science, Truman nominee
Christopher Clem, ’14, Economics and International Studies, Truman nominee
Sarah Vaira,
’15, Humanities for Leadership and Environmental Studies, Udall nominee

Student Experiences

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Upcoming Deadlines

Please note that Seattle University campus deadlines may be one to two months prior to the official scholarship deadline. Application processes generally begin six months in advance of official scholarship deadlines. Check with the Office of Fellowships to obtain campus-specific deadline information. 

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