Major Declaration Requirements

Once students accumulate 90 credits, they must declare their major.

How do I declare or change my major?

1. Print a Change of Major form and complete the top portion.

2. Print out your program evaluation on SU online using the "What if" option with the major you are going to declare.

3. Bring the two forms and meet with a faculty/professional advisor in the major you are declaring for approval and advisor re-assignment. 

4. Meet with your Premajor advisor to talk about your discernment process and to get signed out of the program.  

We will forward your Change of Major form to the Registrar's office.  Expect 2-4 weeks for processing.  You will receive an email when you have been officially reassigned to an advisor in your new major.  Our office will forward your student file to the department in which you have declared your major.  

How do I declare a minor?

A minor can only be added once you have declared a major.  You can work with your Premajor advisor to work on your minor requirements until you are ready to declare a major. 

Albers School of Business & Economics

A minimum 2.75 GPA in business-related courses AND a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA is required to declare a major in this school.   

Students must complete Math 130 with a C- or better and have taken at least 2 additional business courses.

College of Arts & Sciences

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required to declare a major in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Exceptions are as follows:

  • Communication Studies – 2.75
  • Psychology – 2.75 (must take and pass Psyc 120 with a C+ or better)
  • Sport & Exercise Science – must take and pass Chem 121/131, Math 120 (if necessary), Math 121 (can test out) AND Psyc 120 with a C+ or better

College of Science & Engineering

A minimum 2.50 cumulative and major GPA is required for Computer Science or Engineering.

A minimum 2.0 cumulative and major GPA is required for the Sciences.

Students must complete required prerequisites with a C- or better.  

Students who are considering a major in the College of Science and Engineering must meet the above requirements and should declare their major during their first year to ensure timely graduation.    

My advice would be to definitely not rush into choosing a major. The Premajor studies program gives you the freedom to take classes in any of the schools here at Seattle U while working on the core curriculum so that you can get a feel for what direction you might end up going in.-Premajor StudentSeattle University