How We Work with Students

Seattle University recognizes that many students come to the University wishing to explore academic programs and careers before committing themselves to a major. The Premajor Studies Program is designed to assist students on their journey of academic exploration.

Student Thinking 

The goals of the Premajor Studies Program are:

1. Provide academic advising and support to freshman and sophomores who have not yet decided on a major or career path. Help them create an action plan for declaring a major by the end of their sophomore year (90 credits).

2. Provide the framework, programming and resources necessary to help students make informed decisions about choosing a major. Help them to process and interpret this information.

3. Recognize where students are in the decision-making process and provide them with the resources appropriate to their developmental level.

4. Encourage students in defining their goals by helping them asses their personal strengths, limitations, interests and values as they relate to their choice of major, their overall education and their career path.

We provide one-on-one consultations and referrals to other campus offices in order to help students discern their strengths, limitations, interests and values.

Seattle University Three Key Questions

 The three key questions are an introduction to vocational discernment and encourage students to consider formation for leadership as a call to vocation. Using the stories of three SU students, we introduce the three key questions:

1. What brings you joy?
2. What are your gifts?
3. What does the world need?

To anyone who is thinking about becoming a Premajor, know that your advisor is just as experienced as anyone in a specific field. They are truly helpful in the process and allow you to experiment with what you want! My advisor told me about opportunities that I would not have known from having a specific major that I was boxed into!-Premajor StudentSeattle University