Welcome to Registration!

  1. Log in to www.suonline.seattleu.edu  
  2. Choose Student Menu  
  3. In the box for User Name, type in your SU e-mail alias (without the @seattleu.edu)
  4. Enter your 6-9 character password  
  5. Click Submit   
  6. Select Search/Register for Classes
  7. Select Term
  8. Select the Correct Quarter – i.e. 11WQ
  9. You must select one other search option, like Subject, School or Departments. You can also search up to three subjects. Or you may search by Course Comment Keywords to help find core courses, service learning courses.

TIP: The less information you enter, the more search results you will get in return.

  1. Select the course that you would like to register for.

NOTE: If the course you are looking for is missing, it might be full or cancelled. If a course you need is full, please see the note below Section Selection Results for instructions on what to do. Meanwhile, be sure to register for other classes! Classes fill quickly, and if you do not register now, there may not be space for you later.

  1. You may also click on the Section Name and Title to view a description of the class from the Catalog.
  2. The Section Selection Results page will appear. Here you may select one or multiple classes to register for.
  3. The Add or Drop Classes screen will appear.
  4. Under Action, select Register to add the course. Or if you are selecting multiple courses, you may select Action or ALL Pref. Sections. At this time you may also drop a course that you have already registered for, if within the Add/Drop period.
  5. Please review your class selection and read the Agreement. Clicking here means you accept financial responsibility for adding the course, and you promise to pay tuition and fees for the class.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button.
  7. The Registration Results page appears.
  8. If you have successfully registered for your course, you will see it listed here.
  9. If you do not see the course reflected here, you can look at the area below Registration Results to let you know what went wrong.
  10. Click the OK button.

To verify your class schedule and confirm you have registered for a course, click on “My Class Schedule” from the main Student Menu on SU Online. 

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact the Office of the Registrar by e-mail: registrar@seattleu.edu, phone: 206.296.2000, option 3 or USVC 103.