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News and Events

  • Partners & Students: Our Story Event, 10/2

    All students, outreach team members, and all denominational partners are welcome to this year's annual event that we call "Our Story: School Community & Partners, 2014-2015." Students that are preparing for ministry in faith-based organizations and as ordained ministers will have the opportunity to meet and connect with their mentors--liturgical and formation chaplains that walk alongside them throughout the year in their degree program.

    All will gather in small groups to share what has shaped us along our faith journey and what brings us to Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry. A few returning students will offer reflections on formation particulars they found helpful throughout their degree program. Table conversations will expand these insights as well.

    The School of Theology and Ministry shares in the larger Seattle University goal of striving to educate the whole person. For students, that means not only theological education and ministerial preparation, but also spiritual formation.  The Our Story event will focus on how this formation works itself out in the lives of students.

    Thursday, October 2  | 1:00pm- 4:00pm  |  Student Center 160
    Please RSVP to

    Photos here from a previous year's event:

     Our Story Event


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