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The Sullivan Leadership Program has been forming strong leaders since 1988. The Sullivan Scholars build a rich sense of community and mutual support while at Seattle University through scheduled program activities. Each year before classes begin in the fall, the current Sullivan Scholars spend approximately five days together at an off-campus retreat site, building bonds of mutual support and lifelong relationships. Alumni from the Sullivan program have gone on to a wide variety of careers and activities and have distinguished themselves in a number of fields.



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Current Sullivan Leaders

Arroyo, Gus
Benito, Shandra
Burdick, Morgan
Cardiello, Jon
Chalmers, Eric
Chan, Monica
Chesnut, Matthew
Clem, Christopher
Costa, Sheldon
Foster, Kimberly
Fowler, Ames
Garcia-Cosgrove, Meme
Giordano, Claire
Goeglein, Gabrielle
Goetze, Owen
Jackson, Palmyra
Jingco, April
Johnson, Nicholas
Kaemingk, Gabe
Keeley, Joyce
Kennedy, Meghan
Kerwin, Olivia
Klimecki, Yi Lian
Manlove, Nicky
McDonald, Logan
Menendez, Christian
Mohammad, Feeza
Nguyen, Mai-Khue
Palla, Rukhsar
Parrish, Josie
Ramos, Danicole
Rock, Anthony
Runyan, Ashlan
Saechao, Yian
Silvers, Mara
Skyrud, David "Will"
Smith, Olivia
Tucker, Sarah
Wallis, Jacqui

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