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News & Announcements

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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This Year's Theme

Every year a different theme is selected to provide a focus for the readings, speakers and discussions throughout the competition process and encourage participants to investigate complex issues related to the theme.

Almost Home

 Finding ways to reduce teen homelessness.

Last Year's Theme

 The ubiquity of plastic in our lives.  

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Sullivan Scholars understand that the value of education extends beyond their experiences as individuals and incorporates a commitment to serving others on both a local and global scale. They recognize the value of diversity in both thought and action and seek opportunities to engage others in efforts to effect positive social change.
Sullivan Scholars involve themselves widely with student organizations and community groups, knowing they have a responsibility to the communities and cultures of which they are a part. They also maintain an involved interest in issues of national and international importance: engaging other cultures through education abroad and working for candidates and causes that support a just and humane world. Click on the links below to learn more about serving the community at Seattle University.

Center for Service and Community Engagement
Seattle University Student Government
Student Organizations
Residence Hall Learning Communities 
Office of Multicultural Affairs 

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