Urban Farming

  •  Campus Community Gardens

    Broadway community gardenStudents, staff and faculty can grow vegetables and herbs in their own 4 x 8 foot raised bed. Raised bed users are responsible for planting, maintenance and harvest during the growing season. Hand tools, watering cans and hoses are available at each site. Gardeners can receive free vegetable starts at the Grounds Department’s April Earth Day celebration. 

    There are two campus community gardens. The Chardin Community Garden is located next to the sidewalk between Chardin Hall and the Seattle University Park. It has 15 raised beds. The Broadway Community Garden is located south of the Broadway Garage at the corner of Broadway Ave. and E. Columbia St. It has 12 raised beds.

    To sign up for a raised bed, contact Janice Murphy.

    CitySoil Farm

    Student working at the Urban FarmCitySoil Farm is an innovative collaboration growing organic produce for needy families. The farm was created on 1 acre of unused land at the King County Wastewater Treatment Plant in Renton, 11 miles south of campus. In the first year, 7,000 pounds of produce were given to the Salvation Army Renton Food Bank.

    Seattle University’s Environmental Studies students plant, grow and harvest food as part of their coursework in sustainable agriculture. The students also provide public outreach and education on the benefits of growing produce using biosolids. Biosolids are the nutrient rich organic product of wastewater treatment. Research shows biosolids enrich soils and keep them productive and healthy.  

    Watch a video or see photos of the farm.

    For more info or to volunteer, contact Allison Mountjoy.