What You Can Do

Seattle U EcoChallenge

  • The EcoChallenge  

    Seattle University’s annual EcoChallenge is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to raise their awareness and adopt new habits to sustain a healthy and just planet. In 4 weeks you will challenge yourself to learn, do, advocate for and share what you’ve learned in a 4 person team. The next EcoChallenge happens in spring quarter 2015.

    We've left the 2014 weekly EcoChallenges on line so that anyone can learn at their own pace. Go to the Weekly Challenges box on the right and open the links to each week's challenge. The 2015 EcoChallenges will be different so that past participants can learn something new.

    Why Participate?

    Fun: Learning and doing things with friends is more fun than by yourself. 
    Prizes: Collect points for participating and you might win a prize.
    Inspiration: With so many things that need to be changed, it can be overwhelming. We inspire you with knowledge and new habits you can adopt.
    Community: Connect with others who are taking on the EcoChallenge through the Facebook page. Together we can inspire each other and be a force for change.
    Accomplishment: Now is your chance to give a new habit a shot—you may find it’s easier than you imagined. We encourage you to share what you’re learning and doing with your teammates, friends and family.
    Challenge: The EcoChallenge is an opportunity to raise your awareness and adopt new habits that make progress toward an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future. 

    Who Created the EcoChallenge?

    The EcoChallenge is a collaboration of the President's Committee for Sustainability, the Office for Sustainability, the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability, the SU Eco-Alliance, Housing and Residence Life, and Commuter and Student Life.

    How it Works

    Every Monday, participants will receive an email with the challenge content for that week. Each week has a different theme. You choose one topic you want to learn more about, one new habit you want to adopt, one issue you are passionate about that you want to advocate for, and share what you’ve learned with your team mates. Extra points can be earned for attending events. Every Monday you fill out your scorecard for the week you just completed and plan what you will do for the coming week.  


    Each team member is responsible for completing and submitting their weekly scorecard online.