Undergraduate Admissions
Freshman Students

Admission Requirements


    Seattle University makes admission decisions based on a holistic review of your materials and background. Primary consideration is given to course selection and performance.

    Successful candidates complete the following minimal program in high school (each unit is equivalent to one academic year of study): 

    • English: 4 units
    • Mathematics (college preparatory): 3 units*
    • Social studies: 3 units
    • Laboratory science: 2 units**
    • Foreign language: 2 units
    • Additional academic units from above disciplines: 2 units

    Additional Requirements

    Seattle University offers the distinct advantage of considering freshman applicants for direct admission to specific majors. Accordingly, there are specific additional requirements for admission to certain majors.

    Applicants to the College of Science and Engineering must complete 4 units of college preparatory mathematics for admission to any of its specific majors. (Students who have only completed three units may be considered for pre-science).  Applicants to the College of Nursing must complete three years of college preparatory mathematics to be viable candidates.

    **  Applicants for engineering majors must complete laboratory physics and chemistry to be considered for admission.  Applicants to the College of Nursing must complete a full year each of laboratory biology and laboratory chemistry.


    Matteo Ricci

    The Matteo Ricci Humanities major is reserved for freshmen who are currently:

    • Matteo Ricci Form I at the Seattle Preparatory School, or
    • Enrolled at Matteo Ricci "consortium" schools: Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School, Everett; Eastside Catholic, Bellevue; the Forest Ridge School, Bellevue; John F. Kennedy High School, Burien; Bishop O'Dea High School, Seattle.

    Please note that the Humanities in Teaching major is available to all applicants.

    Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate

    Have questions regarding advanced placement or international baccalaureate credit? Please see the policies section.

    Gaps in Education

    If an applicant has a gap in education of 5 or more years, they may be asked to establish a current academic record at another college or university prior to applying for admission at Seattle University.  In addition, recent prerequisite coursework may be needed to apply to specific majors.  Please note that students whose ACT/SAT test scores are more than two years old are not eligible for SU merit scholarships. Please contact your Admissions Counselor  for more information.

    English proficiency requirements

    Most applicants for whom English is a not the first/native language must demonstrate English proficiency regardless of English language studies, academic history, residence in the United States or other English-speaking countries, or of immigration status.

    Seattle University maintains the right to require English proficiency testing when deemed necessary. Following the submission of English proficiency score reports, requests for testing waivers will not be considered.

    First-year applicants who have attended high school in the United States or Canada, or at American schools abroad, may have English proficiency testing waived if they have earned critical reading and writing scores of 450 or higher on the respective sections of the SAT or English sub-scores of 22 or higher on the American College Test (ACT). Please see our English Proficiency Admission Policy for further details.

    Test score policy

    Seattle University employs the highest sub-scores on both the ACT and SAT I when making admission and scholarship decisions and in the advisement and course placement of first time freshmen. Since we use the highest separate scores from different test administrations (e.g., the highest critical reading, writing, and mathematics scores from the SAT; the highest English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning sub-scores from the ACT) we strongly encourage students to provide Seattle University with all their results from all administrations of the ACT and or SAT.Please note that students whose ACT/SAT test scores are more than two years old are not eligible for SU merit scholarships.

    Test scores must be received from first-time freshman applicants no later than November 15 for those applying for early action and no later than January 15 for those applying for regular admission consideration. Practically this means that students must take the ACT and or SAT in the spring of their junior year if applying for early action and no later than November of the senior year for applicants applying for regular admission. Students who demonstrate interest early in the college search process by listing Seattle University when registering for the ACT or SAT will receive early notification about opportunities at Seattle University (e.g., about scholarships, the honors programs, Seattle University representatives visits to their schools, opportunities for regional interviews).